Who We Are

Vision Statement

Trenton Christian School offers our students excellence in Christian education, authentic learning experiences, and builds partnerships with the greater community.

Mission Statement

Trenton Christian School offers an enriched Christ centered curriculum which educates students from a diverse Christian community enabling them to develop and use their talents in God’s world.

Our Heritage

In 1956, TCS was founded by a group of parents wanting to impress on their children that all creation has its being in God, including the area of education.

Our Present

We offer a school that promotes the importance of Christian principles and morals, a school that offers a variety of instruction within a program that intergrates faith and learning.

Our Future

Through our motto ‘Learning is for Service’, we will continue to develop our children so they become knowledgeable and competent disciples of Jesus.

Our Legacy

As a community we will continue to serve by investing our gifts of time, talent, and finances to endow the next generation with a solid foundation of Christian education.


Our school community brings together Christian families from a variety of denominational backgrounds. Although many of our founders had come from a Reformed background, we today are not connected with any particular church or denomination. At present our school has families from over fifteen churches from around our geographic area.

Parents, volunteers, grandparents, staff, students and friends all make up the wonderful TCS community. Parents are encouraged and appreciated for their volunteer time whether in the classroom, field trips, committee service, or event planning. There is always something fun going on at TCS.

As a school we promote our motto, ‘Learning is for Service’, by participating in programs and events in the local community such as: Choir singing, Musical Band performances, Food Bank Drives, Humanity Efforts, Community Earth Day, to name just a few.

TCS is considered an important component to the Quinte West Community, therefore; we continually work at providing the best services in education at all times. In 2004, TCS was awarded The Canadian Hallmark Institute Designation for Excellence in Education and has been named a finalist for The Canadian Donner Foundation Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services for 2004 and 2006.

TCS is also a member of the following associations:

  1. Edifide, which is an organization that began in 1952 as Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, and provides an umbrella for over 75 schools and 12,000 students. Edifide supports its members with curriculum development, school development, education, legal and organizational advice.
  2. Christian Schools International, (CSI), which headquarters in Grand Rapids Michigan, is a service organization for some 400 Christian Schools in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Christian School Foundation, the Christian school movement now has a powerful new tool to connect the blessings of God with the kingdom of God. The Christian School Foundation, established in July 2014 through the amalgamation of three existing foundations, offers the most effective and transparent way for donors to ensure their gifts have lasting value and their legacy has lasting impact.The Christian School Foundation pulls together experts in financial planning, tax law and estate planning to offer a range of inspiration, information and services to donors and their advisors so that gifts to the Christian school movement are received and managed in a stewardly and God-honouring way. It also works with its member schools to ensure that the stories of God’s faithfulness and blessing are collected and shared.

Educational Program

Our educational program begins with Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Our philosophy is founded on Christian beliefs such as:

  • this world belongs to God
  • all things hold together in Christ
  • all truth is God’s truth
  • each child is made in and bears God’s image
  • each one of us is our brother’s/sister’s keeper
  • each one of us is accountable to God for how we use our time and talents

Our curriculum includes a course selection of Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social and Environmental Studies, French, Art, Music, Computers and Physical Education. We also offer Guidance and Family Life Studies, Resource and Enrichment Programs, and ESL (English as a Second Language).

Our school is committed to providing enriched, quality, educational standards which have enabled us to continually exceed the Canadian Test of Basic Skills at all levels.

Our curriculum comes primarily from the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and Christian Schools International. The topics are infused with Christ focused examples and taught in ways that lead children to discover the Lordship of Jesus in all of life.


Trenton Christian School was organized by a group of parents and supporters who shared the Christian view of life and who were concerned about providing Christian Education for their children. To ensure that a Christian world view in education is maintained at TCS, enrollment is offered to those who:

  1. Claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and demonstrate a devotional lifestyle within their home.
  2. Whose parents agree with the TCS Constitutional by-laws. (refer to Membership Handbook, pgs. 26-28 Article II and III). If these two basic requirements are met, a recommendation is sent to the Board of Directors by the Principal.


  1. The parents contact the school, are provided with a school information package, and are invited to meet with the principal.
  2. The parents meet with the principal to discuss the school’s mission, program, structure, parental expectations, and admission requirements. A tour of the school is given and any questions are answered.3. Parents apply for enrolment of their child(ren) by completing and handing in the  application forms.

Membership at TCS

Membership at TCS entitles you:

  • To participate in discussions and to exercise one vote per member in elections
  • To nominate candidates for board positions
  • To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors
  • To be eligible to serve on Core Operational Committees

For membership you will be required:

  • To be regular attendees and active participants in a Christian Church
  • To provide a Pastoral reference letter of recommendation
  • Upon approval from the Board of Directors, you will be welcomed into the TCS Membership Association.

Tuition & Transportation

There is a cost involved in sending your child, or children to Trenton Christian School, however, you will realize Christian education is an excellent investment in your child’s future.

The tuition fee is evaluated and set yearly by the TCS Board of Directors and approved by the school membership. Tuition is based on a per family rate, not per individual student and a charitable tax refund is available. Please contact the school for more information.

Transportation costs are included in the tuition fee. Bussing transportation is available to all students attending TCS, thus covering a large geographical area. All efforts are taken to ensure a safe and timely ride for our students.

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