Our dedicated group of inter-denominational Christian teachers is passionate about their responsibility to spiritually develop and educate our students. All faculty members have an Ontario Teaching Certificate or equivalent, and a Christian School Teaching Certificate. We are blessed with specialty teaching qualifications in the areas of Music, French, Science, Computer, Physical Education, Resource, Enrichment and ESL (English Second Language). Continuing education and development opportunities allow the staff to provide the enriched quality education we strive for here at TCS.



Mrs. Lori Tucker – Little Sparks Preschool, Supervisor

Mrs. Andrea Rix, Little Sparks Preschool, Teacher

Mrs. Theresa Hoftyzer, French & 3 Day Kindergarten

Mrs. Jody Bevaart, 5 Day Kindergarten

Mrs. Stacey Siebenga, Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Lisa Lammers, Grade 2 Teacher

Ms Ashley Davy – Gr. 4/5
Mrs. Marg Korver,

Mr. Kevin Vanderleeuw – Gr. 6/7

Mrs. Sylvia Smeenk, Grade 7/8 Teacher

Mr. Allen Bron – Principal

Mr. Art Touw — Computers


Mrs. Heather Rathbun, Administrative Assistant  (

Mrs. Elizabeth vanEs, Bookkeeper  (

Mrs. Elsie Kuipers, Resource
Ms. Jenn Courneyea, PSW/Resource

Mrs. Lori Tucker – EA – 3 Day Kindergarten &
Little Sparks Coordinator

Ms Monique Wielemaker – EA 5 Day Kindergarten
Mrs. Amanada deWal – EA 5 Day Kindergarten

Mr. Jason Wryghte – Music Teacher (Sept. – December)
Mrs Jennie Smit, Music Teacher (Jan.-June)

Mrs. Rosann Rhebergen, Custodian