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Policy – March 2013



TRENTON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL strives to provide a Christ-centered education in a safe, nurturing environment for all students, staff, and school community. Since one of our goals is to nurture growth in our students through relationships, excellence and service all to the glory of God; it is essential that principal, teachers, students, parents and others in the school community be aware of the expectations and procedures that are being followed. 


ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS “…love one another, for love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7

Sometimes it is very hard to get along with someone else because we have our own ideas. Sometimes we accidentally bump someone or get hurt while playing. When we are repeatedly mean to someone and want to harm them it is called, “bullying.” This can happen in school, in our class, on the playground, on field trips, on the bus and even through the internet. (See Appendix A for descriptions of common forms of bullying)


We do not allow bullying at Trenton Christian School this means that we do not allow:

            -Saying bad things about someone or to someone.

-Pushing, hitting, shoving, biting, hair pulling, scratching, spitting, tripping, stealing, or making rude gestures.

-Being unfriendly, ignoring, and excluding others.

-Trying to scare someone or make them afraid.

-Doing bad things that may make someone else not want to come to school.


Instead, we will treat each others as we want to be treated and how God has taught us to treat others:

            -There will be signs and reminders posted in the school to tell us how to act.

            -Teachers will talk to their students often about how to treat others.

-At the beginning of the school year, we will talk to all students about good relationships and respect at an assembly.

-We will be sure that every family receives a copy of our RELATIONSHIP POLICY.


“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31




We want Trenton Christian School to be a safe place to learn and work, across all grades, reflecting love, peace and happiness as the Bible teaches. To establish and promote good relationships in our school, we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a respectful, Christian manner. Thus, we are asking students and parents to read and sign the following document:


As parents/guardians we agree to:

-Keep ourselves and our children informed and aware of the Relationship Policy and Procedures.

-Work in partnership with the school to encourage positive behavior, valuing differences and promoting sensitivity to others.

-Discuss regularly with our children their feelings about school work, friendships, and relationships.

-Inform staff of changes in our children’s behavior or circumstances at home that may change a child’s behavior at school.

-Notify staff if any incidents of bullying have occurred. (Contact the classroom teacher)


As student, I agree to:

            -Learn about and follow our school’s Relationship Policy and Procedures.

            -Show positive behavior and be kind to others.

            -Talk with my parents about my feelings about school work, friendships, and classmates.

            -Tell my parents or teachers if any bullying has occurred.


By signing below, we, the parents and student/s agree to stand by the policies and procedures and to do our part in preventing bullying at Trenton Christian.





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Specific Aims of the Policy:

-To teach students to deal with conflict in a positive way and thereby build a Christian community.

-To help the community to identify bullying when it happens.

-To help identify and monitor the extent of bullying at TCS.

-To develop procedures for noting and reporting incidents of bullying.

-To develop procedures for investigating and dealing with bullying.

-To develop a program of support for those affected by bullying and for those involved in bullying.

-To help identify the responsibilities of a bystander.


Contents of the Policy:

-Each class from grades 1-8 will use an age-appropriate curriculum that teaches positive ways to deal with conflict, identifies what bullying is, why it is unacceptable, learn strategies of how victims or bystanders can deal with situations where bullying is occurring, and be aware of appropriated channels to report incidents of bullying. Teachers will also avail themselves of community service personnel (for example, our community police liason, public health officials) to deepen the impact of the curriculum.

-The policy and procedures will be shared in the Parent Handbook and posted on the school website.

-The policy and procedures will be reviewed by the Program Committee at least  every four years.


Procedures for Dealing with Specific Incidents:

-All reports of bullying will be investigated and dealt with by the staff and administration. It is imperative that students trust that bullying is dealt with.

-Teachers will contact the parents of the bullied and the who is bullying in all incidents of bullying.

-All actual reports of bullying will be recorded on the Incident Report Form (Appendix B) and reviewed by the principal.

-Discipline measures must aim at restoring relationships in a Christian community of learning. Teachers will invest time in talking to the one who is bullied and to the one doing the bullying.  Punishment must fit the seriousness and persistence of the problem. They may range from acts of restitution and detentions to, in serious cases suspensions. When suspensions prove ineffective to change an individual’s behaviour, the principal may recommend expulsion. All serious cases are reported to the Board of Directors of Trenton Christian School.
















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