Peanut Free Policy





  1. Peanut butter and direct peanut products will be banned from the whole school.


  1. The child’s classroom will be totally peanut free. The parents will be provided with a list of peanut free products.


  1. No food except fruit and vegetables is to be eaten in the hallways or on the playground.


  1. Visitors to the classroom will be required to wash their hands before entering the classroom.


  1. Parents and students will be periodically educated/reminded of the anaphylactic allergy.


  1. The family will provide the school with necessary epi-pens.


  1. Senior students will be instructed in the use of the epi-pen.


  1. A drill in case of an emergency will be planned and practised.


  1. It is important to make everyone involved in the school day, aware of the life threatening allergy so that all may help in any way to prevent a tragedy from occurring.


  1. Signs will be posted.