In the year 2000, we moved into our beautiful 30,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, located on 20 acres of property in Quinte West (Trenton). We provide a safe and secure environment for our students within the school and on the fenced playground. Additional features include a designated Music Room, Computer Lab, Library, Full Gym, Performance Stage, Kitchen facilities, and Activity Rooms.


image of computer lab

The TCS Computer Lab is located next to our library, making this area a research centre.

The Hardware: The Computer Lab consists of 26 workstations with 19 or 20 ” LCD monitors, networked to a primary Server as well as a fileserver. The network is served by a laser “air” printer, and two Konica Minolta copier printers, as well as a colour scanner. The lab is also served by a ceiling mounted image projector. We have high-speed internet access across the network sildentadal.com. The school library, the offices, the Resource Room, and the SK to Grade 8 classrooms are all networked to the Computer Lab, with a total of 21 computers all hardwired to the network. All but one of the classrooms have ceiling mounted image projectors to which are connected Apple TVs. Teachers all have an iPad for use in the classroom, and can mirror the iPads to the Apple TVs for use with the image projectors. There is also a laptop, DVD player, and an image projector on a mobile cart for use anywhere in the school. In order to minimize the use of wireless technology the school’s computer network is entirely hardwired, but the iPads and teachers’ laptops are able to access the network through several wireless access points throughout the school.

How do we use our Lab? All of the grades, from K to 8 have a number of periods per week in the lab.  Our focus with computers at TCS is not to use computers for the sake of using them, or to “teach” computers, but rather to have teachers integrate the use of computer software into their existing curriculum using online search programs, Google Docs, and traditional software such as spreadsheets, word processors, slideshow programs, and keyboarding software. A Computer Coordinator is available at the school one day per week to keep the lab operating smoothly, to do any necessary trouble shooting and repairs, and to install new software and hardware as required. He also supervises and teaches Keyboarding to Grades 3 – 8, and word processing, spreadsheets, and the use of multimedia software to the senior grades.

TCS Library

TCS gym

TCS playground

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