Electronic Devices

Technology continues to reshape our society. Over the last few years cell phones, MP3 players and iPods have made their way into our school community and particularly into our classrooms. With the increasing use of multi functional electronic devices also comes the possibility of their misuse. From phone ringing in classrooms to text messaging among students, many distractions can be anticipated.

In an effort to limit the use of electronic devices, the following guidelines will be followed: On the School Grounds:

No electronic devices* may be used, seen or heard on the school grounds. There are three possible exemptions:

  1. The classroom teacher has written permission from the Principal to permit these or similar devices on the basis that their use will improve the learning culture in the classroom.
  2. The student has had a formal professional assessment that recommends the use of an electronic device during a classroom session as a specific strategy to improve the quality of learning for this particular student.
  3. One of these devices or a similar device is used to privately listen to instructional media approved by the teacher.

On the Busses: No cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, iPod Touch, or any device that can take photos.

When a violation occurs

  1. the device will be confiscated by staff and submitted to the main office. It will be placed in a sealed envelope clearly labelled as to ownership, date of the occurrence, and the staff member’s name.
  2. The school office will notify parents that the device has been confiscated.
  3. The device will be returned to the student after arrangements have been made betweenPrincipal and parent.
  4. Exceptions to the above can be arranged in advance by special request to the Prinicpal.

*Such as but not limited to: laptop computers, cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, iPod Touch, Game Boys, Nintendo DS, etc.