Dress Code

Parents are responsible for the dress of their children; however, the school reserves the right to call certain dress inappropriate.  Scripture calls us to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” rather than being “conformed to the patterns of this world.” (Romans 12:2). Even our appearance can reflect our desire to honour God with our lives by redeeming culture rather than being absorbed by it. Pease ensure that your children’s dress observes the following criteria:

  • Clothing should be modest, appropriate and in good condition.
  • Only 3/4 thing length shorts and skirts.
  • Tops and dresses must have sleeves. Bare midriffs, and T-shirts with in appropriate slogans (such as suggestive, racist, satanic, occultist, etc) will not be allowed..
  • Proper attire for physical education and sporting events for both boys and girls is a t-shirt and long loose fitting shorts or track pants. 
  • Students must have suitable indoor and outdoor footwear.  Outdoor footwear must be conducive to playground activities
  •  Make-up should be minimal if worn and applied ONLY at home.

Students whose dress does not meet these criteria will be given temporary appropriate clothing to wear for the day. In cases of repeated offences, parents will be notified.