Discipline Procedure

Purpose of Discipline
Christian education seeks to prepare a child for responsible service within the Kingdom of God. At Trenton Christian School, student discipline is a legitimate and necessary part of the maturation process. Through correction and guidance, a student is nurtured to a life of obedience before God and respect for others. Through discipline, the student receives a richer understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Discipline encourages the putting away of the old, sinful nature and putting on the new nature in Jesus Christ. (Romans 6)
Student discipline is not an end in itself. It is a means by which students learn to respect authority, demonstrate appropriate social behavior, develop self-discipline and exhibit respect for one another and for God’s creation. Student discipline must involve an awareness of the misdemeanor, include a corrective action and move toward reconciliation. Properly conducted, student discipline leads to true repentance, forgiveness, and restoration.

Class Management
The classroom teacher is primarily responsible for the students in their classroom. Every teacher looks for an approach towards discipline that leads to a successful program of instruction. There will always be professional freedom to develop one’s unique class management style. To assist with some consistency amongst staff, the rules and guidelines for students are outlined in two documents: In Our Classroom Community and Student Code of Conduct.

Referring a student to the Principal
When a teacher/bus driver directs a student to the office for disciplinary action, it indicates a pattern of defiance or a serious incident as occurred.

Stage One: The student may be asked to leave the class to go to a
supervised TIME- OUT. An incident report form and Reflect and Reconcile sheet, will be completed by teacher, student, and principal; sent home requiring a parent signature and to be returned the next school day.

Stage Two: After being issued two think time sheets a term, a student will serve an in-school detention on the date determined by the principal after contact with parents. The student may also lose the privilege of participating in extra and co-curricular activities for a time to be determined by the principal and teacher/coach.

Stage Three: After two in-school detentions, the principal in consultation with parents and teacher, will decide on further detentions or a school suspension of one or more days.

Stage Four: Expulsion from Trenton Christian School is the final
step in the disciplinary process. This extreme measure can only be taken by the Board of Directors , pending a recommendation by the principal. The parents and principal will be invited to address the Board prior to a final decision being made.

*At the principal’s discretion, a student can be immediately suspended and/or recommend expulsion for major offences such as destruction of school property, theft of personal or school property, repeated bullying, threatening physical harm with a weapon, drugs, arson, etc.