Bus Discipline

The Board has approved the following procedure:

  1. If the whole bus is in a state of utter chaos; a/ the bus will return to T.C.S. and unload the students. Parents will be called to pick up students.
  2. For individual students;
    a) initial misbehaviour will be dealt with by the driver;
    b) if initial efforts by the driver are unsuccessful, the student will be referred to the principal;
    c) first referral: parents;
    d) second referral:parents notified and informed that a third referral will culminate in an automatic one day suspension from the bus;
    e) the second suspension will be for three days. Parents, child and Transportation Committee will schedule a meeting to deal with the situation.

It is our hope that no students need be suspended from the bus. We are implementing this procedure as it is felt that measures used previously, such as detention, writing lines, doing jobs, etc. are largely ineffective.