Bus Cancellation/School Closing because of Inclement Weather

Policy #711


In case of the failure of buses to pick up pupils because of inclement weather:

1.  The bus drivers, in cooperation with the principal and/or
the bus company, will make the decision not to pick up

2.  The bus company will notify the Principal of Trenton
Christian School by telephone and will notify C.J.T.N.,
C.I.G.L., and C.J.B.Q. radio stations to have their decision
(not to drive) announced by the radio station.

3.  The Principal will ensure the bus email list has been started and that it is posted on facebook.

4.  The bus drivers in cooperation with the bus company will make the
decision to pick up pupils for an early dismissal.   They will notify the school by telephone.

5.  When 50% of the pupils cannot attend, the Principal has the
authority to close the school.

6.  If parents bring pupils to school in the morning when a bus
has been cancelled, it is also their responsibility to pick
pupils up at school in the afternoon.

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